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STNDRD 1000 MG Sativa Cannabis Distillate Infused Mixed Fruit Flavored Gummies.


10 individually wrapped pieces per package - 100 mg THC per piece. 


Discover a burst of fruity delight with STNDRD Sativa 1000 MG Mixed Fruit Flavored Gummies. Perfectly infused with premium sativa, these gummies offer an energizing and uplifting experience in every bite. Each piece is packed with a delicious mix of fruit flavors, making your cannabis experience as enjoyable as it is effective. Whether you need a boost of creativity, a mood lift, or simply want to brighten your day, these gummies are the perfect choice. Enjoy the convenience and taste of STNDRD Sativa Gummies and elevate your cannabis journey.

STNDRD Sativa 1000 MG Mixed Fruit Flavored Gummies


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